5 Things Not To Do On A Date

1. No texting you look boring, rude & just plain simple. Even if you've seen train spotters having more fun than you are at that moment, keep it away girl. Group-chat can wait. 


2. Don't get drunk - like have a couple of cocktails, after all you're celebrating the fact that someone hopefully sees you as a half decent human, but don't do a Lindsay Lohan, it's not attractive & you'll most likely end up being cringe & falling into a taxi.

3. Don't give him the 21 questions - he's not in a job interview & you're not an Alan Sugar. Stick to a maximum 5 questions & the rest will come naturally if you've got a spark!

4. Don't act like a Princess, sure you may be beautiful, your weave may touch the floor but girl, if you show an attitude there won't be a date number 2. 

5. Don't play games - i know i know we are all guilty, we all try push buttons to test the reaction but just enjoy & try not to show your inner psycho...please, for all of womenkind.