Duwop Lip Venom 3.5 ML

So, here's my first beauty post for you all. I naturally have quite large lips, which really shows when i have a colour on them, however i still love a little natural enhancement (who doesn't!!).

So i thought i would try the original Duwop Lip Venom bought through Shopcade my favourite shopping site. 

Positives: Well it really works!! You can feel the tingling as soon as it touches your lips, don't expect miracles or to come out looking like Kylie Jenner or Donatella Versace but it does enhance the 'plumpness of your lips'. The taste is pleasant and you do feel like you've hopefully gone from a 7 to a 10 straight away .

Negatives: The gloss is slightly sticky but so are it's direct competitors, the price is a little steep for the size which i feel maybe some of you may feel a little strongly about. However for myself, totally worth it. 

So as you can see i have attached photos of before & after with just the Lip Venom (And lastly with lipliner).

  Bare                                                                          Lip Venom                                                              Lip Venom & Liner

If you like what you see you can buy Lip Venom here.