5 People At Every Halloween Party

Halloween...many hate it, many love it and some just love to hate it, but every year the same 5 stereotypes come out to play!

1. The sexy (fill blank). Bunnies, Devils, Vampires, Nurses, Spoons & Witches. You name it, they will make it low cut & high thigh. The Halloween nightlife swarms with these girls, usually in packs flocking to the bathroom every 5 minutes because Janice has 'broke the seal' (No idea who Janice is).

2. The Banana - we all know the guy, unable to barely move, falls into the taxi knees first & most likely spews down himself.

3. The refuser dresser upper - this person LOVES to be asked why they're not dressed up, the whole happiness of their night revolves around being asked that question & you better be prepared for the answer 'i'm a psycho killer, i could be anyone'...alright chill out pal.

4. The guy dressed up as a questionable woman & thinks it's the most original thing since the Michael Kors watch. 

5. The girl that just doesn't give a f**k, she wants to be a half eaten zombie to prove she has seen the Walking Dead on Netflix n Chill & Ann Summers won't change her mind!